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The Reformation, Revolution, Knowledge, Freedom

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“What exactly does Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions deal with?”

Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions is a website where anyone is free to discuss matters which affect the social, economic, and political situation at any location in the world. However, this site is more directly affiliated with Guyana and it's problems. People are free to voice their opinion about any issue they feel needs attention - all ideas and topics of this nature are welcome, and will be treated with respect. Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions is intended to allow fluent discussions, flow of knowledge, and accuracy of information. It is here to bring awareness to issues which directly affect the current status quo in Guyana and around the world in relation to all humanity.

“So what is 'communist strategy'?”

First of all - I believe in communism, as a result this site devoted solely to communist beliefs. Together, I believe, we could give tips and stretegize on the foundations of communism, as portrayed by Marx and Engels in their internationally famous pamphlet - The Communist Manifesto (free and full text here). Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions only supports communist views, but is open to arguments, discussions, and thoughts about the issues and related subjects. This site is not a fact-book, however, it will give statistics which might be helpful to give you and idea of what exactly is going on - especially with relation to subjects such as emigration, race, and society in general.

“What can anyone do?”

That is a question many people need an answer to. Some people conveniently decide that they don't have the time to take part in even simple activities such as writing messages, articles, or letters. Of course there is no specific duty anyone has to do; no pressure is being laid on your backs. But what I will say is that if you know that you or your people are being oppressed by the policies of the US,British, or any of its supporters and partners in crime - why should you NOT do anything? My form of action and bringing awareness about certain topics and issues is through writings on this site. (You can do the same, yes you can either create your own website or write for mine (my email link is below for anyone who is interested). You may protest a cause like the war in Iraq or exploitation of other nations such as Guyana, Jamaica, El Salvador, etc. Action is the best form of social protest, and although I mostly take part in building this website, I do support the protests, resistance, and questioning of the authorities when necessary - they have no right to treat us the way they do in many cases - police brutality, terrorism, and discrimination. As head of the world's criminal nations - the US ranks #1 - as a result, I directly condemn many of their policies, including their foreign policies which have made poverty such a rapidly growing concern in many nations. The elites of nations like these capitalist exploiters care for nobody but themselves and have to be removed from their positions. Because they have direct influence over the military and high ranking politicians in many 'third world' nations,this is a situation whereby a great sacrifice has to be made initiating a global movement towards goals like the complete eradication of poverty and capitalism from the face of this planet. However,before I encourage you to just go out there and spread the words of enlightenment, you have to do much research. There are many questions - too many to be answered here at Guyanese Thought sand Discussions, because of this I have uploaded many links to the 'Links' section so that you can get some more information and ideas - the internet is one of the best sources of information, along with local libraries. Catering for people in nations with not-so-good resources, the net is the best place to gather information and read.

“Regarding Guyanese”

Too many Guyanese have forsaken their homeland, too many have given up hope; it seems as though no patriots or fighters are left. We have a government that is not doing it's duty, but what most Guyanese don't realise is that it's the people of Guyana who own Guyana - NOT the government. We have the right and duty to fight for what he own and deserve: justice, equality, and our land. Quitters have no place here. I'm not saying that people don't have the right to pursue their own happiness, but I know for a fact that many Guyanese do find the most happiness in Guyana, so why not fight for it? Many years of harsh strife were made, and for some reason, has been stagnated for a long period now.It is not enough to struggle then give up - because victory can only be achieved if you fight and win or die fighting. The cause is still present; our fight is all that is needed now. The people of all oppressed nations have to resist the temptations to run away, rather than fight; set the example that others will follow. Cuba has pioneered the battle against US imperialism through revolutionary struggle, we as people of oppressed nations should follow their example and find the best way to solve the problems we are faced with every day and believe we can't do anything about them. Personally, one day,beyond my time perhaps, the nations which were stepping stones for the oppressors will rise like a giant family of blood, and will crush the few who have sought so long to find sly and cruel ways to doom our future while making the vision of their's an ardent success. If you have any questions, comments, or believe that something should be added to this or any other section please send a message via email to 'Rage' at

Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions: Communist Strategy is edited and managed entirely by Darrell Carpenay.