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13th July, 2003

Emigration vs. Remigration... Fight or Flight? Patriot or Coward?


"Over the past four decades, significant numbers of Guyanese have made their homes in other countries. It is in recognition of this reality that the Government of Guyana has put certain measures in place to attract Guyanese back home.

Today, Guyana is clearly a country on the move. A country that is showing remarkable progress. Under the stewardship of His Excellency the late President, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Guyana’s Real GDP grew by 8.3 percent in 1993, 8.5 percent in 1994 (the highest in Latin America and the Caribbean), 5.1 percent in 1995 (a drop from the targeted 6.3 percent because of the industrial disaster at the Omai Gold Mines Ltd) and 7.9 percent 1996. Consequently an Inter-American Development Bank newsletter described Guyana as a "small country with big economic ambitions" and "a shining example of a country on its way back from the abyss."" - Remigration Information


"In 10 or 15 years, Guyana will be emptied of most of its remaining population. The majority of Guyanese will be living in the USA. What shall become of its national identity? Will Guyana be divided up between Venezuela on the west, Brazil on the South and Suriname (formerly Dutch Guyana) on the East?" - - Regarding Emigration

Note: Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions: Communist Strategy does not support the ideas and actions of the GuyanaUSA organization. Who wants to burn some red, white and blue?

Emigration issues in Guyana have always puzzled me. Why? Because I see no reason why there should be other human beings just like us, somewhere across the globe, fighting for their rights in their country (sometimes to the death), while there are some others who choose to simply run away.

It is every human right to pursue happiness and it may seem as though I am contradicting myself by saying that but I also believe that ethics should always come before happiness in cases such as these. There are other philosophies that will arise through this argument that I will not get into. This site is not a philosophical archive. The details of emigration, remigration, etc. will not be covered this week, but soon. So far, this is just food for thought.
Regarding updates, the Links section has been refreshed with a few new links that will provide some enlightening information.

4th July, 2003


*The following links are to PDF pages. If you have a very slow connection or a slow computer the second link will probably take quite a while to open. Once it's open you can save it and be able to access it much faster, though.

We all remember the cyanide spill in the Essequibo River made by OMAI (the company exploiting our natural resources). Well, here is a basic case study of what happened, it's effects, and a bit more. Click to download. To view a photo of what OMAI is doing to our land click here (note - this is an old photo).

Regarding information about poverty in Guyana, you may want to read this very detailed and well written pdf done by the World Bank (which, might I mention, is quite ironic). Click to download.

23rd June, 2003

Third World Reformation

A new article regarding US intervention, imperialism, mainstream media lies, etc. has been added to the GTD Library. To read the article click here.

18th June, 2003

Questionnaire 1

Read through the first Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions Questionnaire. Your reply will be posted and completely credited towards you. Get your voice on the web now!

25th May, 2003

Independence Day, 2003: Guyana

May 26th, 2003 is Guyana's 37th year of freedom from the British colonialists, and again, I say - we are free. Freedom has come with the harsh realities of history. Tales are told of men fighting and dying, bleeding and struggling for the that precious right... read more