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21st August, 2003

Toxic Western Brain-Food

I know that it’s not only me that is upset and embarrassed by Guyanese in the US who put on this sick show that they are ‘all-American’, but when the time comes refer to their Guyanese heritage like if it’s some lost but exotic feature they hold dear. Many people have confessed their grievances about their fellow countrymen who act this way, and I am no exception. The reason why I am angry at this type of behaviour is because I am Guyanese, and I am proud to be Guyanese, however, I hate the image that these immigrant Guyanese tarnish about our people and our culture... read entire article

19th August, 2003

Cigarettes... Crack... and then there is Pepsi and Coke...



Act against corporate exploitation of people and the earth. Find out why you shouldn't support Coca-Cola, PEPSI and other companies which advertise poison and live well off of your tasty suicide. Click the links at the bottom of the picture to access sites with factual evidence of exactly how crappy the soda companies and their products are.

30th July, 2003

New Picture

Another picture has been added to GTD.

Remember to browse the pictures section and that you may send in your own pictures to be posted on the site at any time.

29th July, 2003

Words, Pictures, Voice, Poetry, Art - Expression

One of the best things I believe you can do for yourself today in this profit-driven, corrupt, war-torn, greedy, selfish, unbelievable world is express yourself. Whatever is your form of expression - art, poetry, speech - it doesn't matter. Unfortunately, not much people are heard and listened to in this place (including myself) and that is why I try my best to give other websites, articles, and many other forms of activism and expression the time of day. Read | View | Listen.

The ultimate goal is freedom and peace, love and care - human harmony with other humans and harmony with earth. And I've found a very nice flash movie I would like everyone to see and shouldn't take very long to download - it includes poetry, pictures, and voice. A very interesting way of expression on the web, you should definitely take some time out to look at this - it might make your day:- Thoughts from within (Woody speaks out).

26th July, 2003

Visit ZNET*

Why visit ZNET ? Or what is ZNET in the first place? > Well, ZNET is an amazing archive constantly being updated every single day. It is one of four sections of Z COMMUNICATIONS which provides some of the most insightful and intelligent information on the web. It would provide you with some really intriguing information and opinions of various intellectuals. To go there, click here .

19th July, 2003


In Blair's defense of what he and his partner in crime, G. W. Bush, have committed in Iraq, he claims in his speech to the U.S. congress that "If we are wrong we will have destroyed a threat that at its least is responsible for inhuman carnage and suffering. That is something I am confident history will forgive."

(read the full text of the speech here)

To GTD, the statement borders on the brink of simplicity and bullshit, if not 100% of the latter. Being honest and taking blame for your actions is indeed an honourable quality and what he should have said is "Since we are wrong, we will apologize to all the people of the world and do the best we can to earn our forgiveness."

The so-called civilized nations of the world boasting freedom and democracy completely contradict their claims by carrying out savage terrorist actions. Wars are for savages, and it's sad to say myself that today, human nature stinks. There are few human beings on earth preserving my belief that my race of animal is capable of something more than just leaching the earth. Civilized nations shouldn't boast about how much they have, or what they can do, or what they can and have achieved. Being 'free' shouldn't be what makes people proud, what should is helping other people in every way possible and it starts in small ways. If you help your fellow brother on the road, or teach someone some truth, or cook for the poor*. Everyone has to take that one step forward, and the more people that take that one step, the less hard life will be for all of us.