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Count Me Down

Every wake I take

In this forsaken land

And ask myself the same

Over and over again

With golden rivers in my eyes

Frozen and overcried

My battered depression overtaken

Why don't I go...

But there is a time and place

In fate, or destiny

For the actions

That will break, overtake and scream

Beyond any words could ever dream

When the time has come

It will be,
And everything that was lined up

Will be free

Random blows will torcher my soul

"Free me; your humanity..."

And I will do so - 
For the sake of my sanity.

I ain' 
I ain' wan yuh jeans 
I ain' no crack fiend 
I ain' want yuh house 
Being humble as a mouse 
I is live in old clothes 
Like poor people does 
An' put meself in dey shoes 
Suh I could get a clue 
Who do you work for? 
Who do you serve? 
Are you a rich man servant? 
Or angry jaguar dormant? 
Are you booked for flight? 
Or are you ready to fight? 
Angry dragons breathing 
Without any meaning 
There is desire 
But I see no fire! 
I want to know 
Where do we go? 
Where do we fight? 
Where do we light? 
The flame that will ignite 
The action – reaction – contraction 
Of muscle 
That will bring change 
To this disgraceful mange 
Depression, suppression, repression, compression… 
I ain' wan' yuh red 
Yuh lef' too many dead 
I ain' wan' yuh white 
Yuh ain' a pretty sight 
An' I ain' wan' yuh blue - 
I ain' wan nothing from you! 
I ain' no crack fiend 
So yuh could keep yuh jeans 
Keep yuh shoes 
Keep yuh hair-do's 
An' keep up yuh nose 
Piggish consumer 
Environment abuser 
Stinking polluter – 
Keep up yuh nose 
Maybe you will pick up the scent 
That will dent 
Your unused brain 
An' it gon cause you pain 
An' even go insane 
In pig nation 
Contamination inflation 
Greedy consumer economics 
Less hooked on phonics 
An' though I see dem' comin' 
I ain' runnin' 
I ain' fleein' 
But surely seein' 
Understandin', realizin' 
And plannin' the attack 
That will strike the empire back 
Effectively strategizing 
Guerrilla emphasizing 
An' one yuh cyan' fool 
I is one yuh cyan' rule.