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4th December, 2003

A Few Things and Picture Diary Page 3

Just a few things I have to get off my mind - today is the american holiday 'Thanksgiving' - I have no problem with people celebrating their culture and holiday - but I do have a problem with the way americans celebrate this holiday - instead of giving thanks for what they have by conserving - they, instead, as a gluttonous nation of pigs, stuff their faces with their endless supply of hormone injected food. Generally any special day or holiday in the US of NA is used as an economy boost. People are made to consume by psychological probing. If it's the first day of spring there will be 'Spring Sale' or if there is a particular type of weather or season there is a sale for that: 'Fall Sale', 'Winter Sale', etc.

Consumption is what US Americans do best and most - in any case there isn't much else to do except work, eat, buy, eat, buy, work. Christmas is coming soon and I hope people can make a change at least by then, not because it's a special holiday and the rest don't matter, but because it is one the days people show their true dispicable nature as human beings. Understand that if you have a free day you should do something worthwhile - do something constructive instead of destructive - to your body, earth, and mind. If you celebrate Christmas don't think about the week's supply of food you'll gorge down in two days, don't think about all the gifts you don't need, don't think about family alone. This is one day of the year and it is a day people who celebrate it should not be selfish, greedy, and gluttonous. Instead of spending time with family alone - think about the homeless - if you've been spending enough time with your family during the year you don't have to put aside one day for them especially; instead of eating more food and enjoying your good fortune, eat less and give some of your good blessings to less fortunate.

It is time for change - all people need to change for the better, spread knowledge, tolerance, harmony, peace, love, and nationality for Guyana and around the world. And remember, consuming less is healthy for you and the earth.

14th October, 2003

Picture Diary Page 2

The second set of the picture diary has been added. Unfortunately, my camera broke and I cannot take anymore photos, however, a new one is on the way. Until then I'll continue posting my stickers. Take a look at the second set of pictures.

9th October, 2003

Picture Diary

Yesterday, posters started being put up. Throughout this week and the following weeks I will be taking pictures of life in the USA - a truly sad rat-race that, unfortunately, I have to conform to right now. The truth is that I am very displeased with it and intend to do what I can to show visitors the little and big things that make up life in this sad rat-race, along with the posters and stickers that I put up. There will also be miscellaneous pictures posted - pictures with some amount of meaning. Check the first batch out (taken 8th October, 2003).

6th October, 2003


Sherman Austin, the webmaster of an extremely popular activist - anarchist website was sentenced for having a link to a page that explained how to make explosives. The page was written by a white boy and Sherman was charged for having an illegal link on the site he managed. One would think that if someone who linked to the site would be locked up then the person who wrote the page and put it on the web would definitely be locked up too. Not the case here, the white boy still roams free in the land of the free for white people, and Sherman, who is an African American activist was locked up and treated like thousands of other young black men in the 'land of the free'. This is truly bull-shit and needs to be acknowledged by all, whether you live in the US or not - this is a blatantly racist action, it is a deprivation of freedom, and a threat to all people with colour. The FBI, Police, CIA are all criminal in their actions. The United States thrives on racism and injustice - and a severe lack of freedom for immigrants and non whites.

Raise the Fist was one of the first sites I visited when I first started researching the truth. Today, about 2 years after my initial visit, I found out that the FBI raided Sherman's house and all his equipment (story here) and that Sherman is in jail on a 1 year sentence for having an 'illegal link' on his website. So all you flag waving, 'we love democracy', 'protect our freedom' assholes who go about raising your flags - red white and blue - maybe you might want to research a bit more about the people you are waving the flag for. The flag stands for imperialism, terrorism, racism, injustice, capitalism, unquestionable authority, slavery, corporate crime, and worse. It is time for change, time to act, time to renounce your status and fight for something worth fighting for - freedom, justice, equality, elimination of authority. It is time to fight for anarchy and freedom of self. We have been slaves for too long - we must break the system down.

Free Sherman, Free Mumia, Free Peltier, Free US ALL!

29th September, 2003

Major Link has lots of interesting video clips and documentaries about issues around the world. They included some recordings regarding the cyanide spill which devastated our environment. Unfortunately 56k modem users may have a hard time viewing the videos but you may still try. You also need realplayer to view the videos - if you don't have it you can download the free version (realplayer).

Check the videos out.

28th September, 2003

"Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century"

Most of you hopefully know that most of the popular brands of tooth-pastes today use an ingredient known as fluoride. It is claimed that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay. Recently, watching the movie 'Conspiracy Theory' - I noticed at the beginning Mel Gibson mentioned something about Fluoride being a conspiracy, and while telling the people of New York that it prevents tooth decay, the government really uses it really causes human beings to loose their creativity and enslaves them to the state. Now having read alot of theories on the internet recently (regarding the alternative truth to the 11th September tragedy, and other alternative truths) and I decided to check up the effects of fluorides on human beings in Google and found an interesting webpage. The webpage highlights, quotes and facts done by experts (dentists, doctors, etc.) on the effects and truth about fluoride. It turns out that the chemical that the United States spends billions of dollars a year adding to drinking water is not really used to help people who don't brush their stink mouths.

Take a look at this research.