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This World Is Here For Me

I am too proud to beg, too upbright to steal,
but gladly will I sweep and clean to gain an honest meal.
This world is here for me, and I was meant to be,
with others in this universe to seek my destiny.

I have my life to live, untill the day I die,
so why must I be negative, why should I cheat and lie?
To hurt my fellow man, what will I ever gain?
For if I live in sin and shame my life will be in vain.

The sunshine and the birds, the flowers and the trees,
no language set in mortal words can ever describe these,
and they are always here, on land and air and sea,
the wonders of this world we share we have it all for free.

There is nothing wrong, if I don't belong,
among the very rich and strong among the number one.
I have my life to live, just like all the rest,
and I will always try to give, to the world my best.

Ganesh Persaud