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Independence Day, 2003: Guyana

May 26th, 2003 is Guyana's 37th year of freedom from the British colonialists, and again, I say - we are free. Freedom has come with the harsh realities of history. Tales are told of men fighting and dying, bleeding and struggling for the that precious right that should be entitled to every human being on the face of this earth. Freedom. But today it seems as though the word has no meaning anymore, we have lost the very feeling of being free, because as everyone knows - 'you never miss the water til' the well runs dry'. Well let's imagine the well drained so that we may be able to initiate understanding and gratitude for exactly what we have, though, unfortunately it is limited.Imagine a day where you nor your people could speak your thoughts because your skin isn't pale enough; imagine one second of it - then imagine a year - then centuries. Imagine your mother and sister being raped by the master, and you can do nothing but watch or be killed. Imagine being whipped because you are too tired to toil... imagine being a slave, an indentured labourer. Then... imagine Freedom, independence, liberation, salvation.Battles to the death were made in the name of freedom all over the world, including Guyana. Our heroes lie in the mud today, forgotten by many for the heroic deeds they have committed. Well today I honour them, not only Cuffy, not only Jagan, not only Castro, not only Allende, not only Mandela, not only Gandhi - but all the men and women unmentioned in books, history. All the fighters; those who died at the beginning and end of every battle - honour them.Today we are free to do so much more than our forefathers could, but the fight never ended, it continues today with us. We are to continue where they left off. The struggle has not ended, but only began when they dug themselves out of the mud. We still have to seek out an extended form of freedom, justice, equality... Little progress was made in Guyana over the past 37 years; we are still a struggling third world nation and our corrupt leaders are at fault. We must rise, question, act and enlighten ourselves and family about the facts: racism is no way out, abandonment is no way out, donations are not an effective form of action. We must move united against our enemies and win. Our time is counted in years, let this year bring some change for the betterment of all Guyanese - let us bring ourselves one step closer to unity and strength, and one step away from dependence, corruption, hate, and poverty. There is still much to fight for, and there is never a better time than right now.

Happy Independence Day Guyanese.