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The New Guyanese and Global Uprising

Very well aware of the product that is us—Guyanese, a battle against capitalism is certain for our progression, which will initiate only after we liberate ourselves from the dreams and aspirations that exclude our continual fight for the eradication of poverty, which has been allowed to imbue itself deep within our society as a persistent and malignant stain. One cannot elaborate enough the necessity of the complete elimination of poverty for the mental and physical development of Guyana and the rest of the ‘Third World’ nations and its people—for with even a trace of poverty within our society, one sees proof of the continuing corruption and oppressive effect capitalism—imperialism is having upon us.
The creation of a New Guyana without ethical limitations of any single Guyanese, and the belief in equality for all Guyanese has to show itself in the near future. Now is the time for action, for the days of pleading, hoping, and wordy speeches without action has come to pass very long ago.
We cannot persist in sitting idly by watching the very essence of a Guyana that “could be be”, crumble before our very eyes.
And the abandonment of Guyana (that is not an answer), is a step the imperialists and their offspring (the United States of North America, Britain, France, Canada, etc.), want you, the upset Guyanese, to make use of—because the Guyanese immigrant, and any other immigrant for that matter, is one of the most valuable products these industrialized, capitalist nations can buy off the leaders and military of the ‘Third World’.
Without any strain of doubt, the reforming of Guyanese thought has to take place. The number of brainwashed and bewildered Guyanese in our country and out is, as I’ve known for too long, astounding.
Too many Guyanese have picked up the American veneer, too many have lost pride in being Guyanese, and too many have lost the will to fight for the rights all Guyanese deserve, not only as the children of our nation, but as a human being in general.
A history that is not heard enough of, the ignorant racist that is the product of colonialism, the leader who catalyses our dwindling hope…all of which hinder our march, together, for a better life in Guyana and around the globe. We must fight against these obstacles of our steps forward.
The patriotism of Guyanese—even the strongest of Guyana’s children fail in coping with the present state of affairs when fate tests them. Very little of us are strong enough to trudge through the battering events that quickly destroy the weak and cause them to flee.
The new fight for the freedom and equality of our people will not be won without the great sacrifice we must, in all necessity, make—whatever your great sacrifice may be to for you to fight for Guyana – whether it’s a speech, persistent protest, writing articles, educating people, etc.
And the slogan we must follow: “Victory or Death”.
The people of Guyana have to adapt a nationalistic, revolutionary, and aggressive mentality, and stand without fear—together, as one, against our common foe that is the policies of mainly the US and British Elites. We must face and destroy our enemies whom we must learn, analyze with communist ethics, and act against. Then and only then will our enemies and their oppressive system fall. Then is when the New Guyana and Global order will rise like a red star with the blood our ardent characters. For some Guyanese today, my asking and comments may be too much, and, I imagine, the spilling of so much innocent blood by criminals, the countless Guyanese whom we see day after day, hungry, homeless and suffering, a government with a system that makes dictions in their own favour—all these atrocities—does not enrage them enough.
When I speak to most Guyanese, especially the ones residing in the U.S. of North America, I feel the love with which they speak of Guyana, but, as in many cases, they fear to live there and seek justice. Others say, “Guyana has nothing to offer…” The truth of the matter is that for hundreds of thousands of Guyanese—form generations past to present, Guyana has had “nothing to offer”. And so, with that as an excuse for fleeing Guyana, she has remained a drowning, imperialists’ stepping-stone for the many generations who are to inherit her.
And a possible paradise continues to roam—lost at the hands of the fearful.
In the cases of any “Third World” nation that is continuing to trek the path without direction or light, a change of course has to be made and a new trail has to be ploughed by its people. The matter of optimum importance is our unity while breaking away from the norm and discovering new paths to progression.
We have continuously demonstrated our ability to survive under harsh and abnormal circumstances. The government of Guyana has proven itself to be blood-sucking dead weight on our shoulders and has us struggling to hold on, hoping we won’t slip any further than we already are into the furnace that they created—this has stagnated us and the chaste system makes us fight to maintain the status quo of present, hence, the rich will remain rich, the poor will remain poor, and there will be no change. And the Guyana we know will endure, day after day, year after year, as a dog eat dog, ‘Third World’ nation, where the rich will continue to stand tall and clean on the proletariat’s back as he/she sinks deeper into the mud.
Guyanese have to strive not as individuals, but as a united band of hard workers, and a team of New Communist men and women, towards a brighter future in Guyana, the land that is ours. We have to start making the decisions, we are the people of the Republic – we are Guyana. Of course, as I’ve said, sacrifices will have to be made—what we have to vow is that they will not be made in vain as we start and persist in the struggle for self sufficiently and equality until we have achieved our ultimate goal: a great United Republic of Guyana which will sustain and progress as new generations rise, again and again. Any sacrifice that could produce such results is never enough. So what if it doesn’t? Well, let us go down with a fight.