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The Wave of Hypocrisy

Yesterday, an acquaintance of mine gave me an article from 'NEWSDAY', a New York newspapers, and obviously starved for news to feed and entertain the public, they dug up something about Guyanese migrating within New York like flocks of sheep to a new area in upstate New York called Schenectady (Sche-nec-ta-dy). The title of the article is inappropriately titled "Moving Up in the World, Northward' and was written by Tania Padgett. On the page of the article displays an East Indian Guyanese family in their shop. First of all, I was made to know that just about 140,000 Guyanese, reside in New York, mainly in Brooklyn and Queens; this is more than a fifth of the population of Guyana in New York alone - astounding.
It never fails to amaze me that many people believe that moving to America, or moving more "Northward" is "Moving Up". For me, moving up is a struggle - the hardest, towards a better life in your own country, in your own land and not some inherited wasteland.
That is exactly what this new Guyanese habitat, Schenectady, really is. It was, before our hardworking people went to populate and build it up, a decade old declining region, which once hosted many manufacturing companies.
According to the article, due to the huge decline for many years, they appropriately targeted Guyanese, hard working people from our also declining homeland, to go there, toil and populate the place. And eventually, as they prove to be doing, drive the area back uphill.
This caused my hatred for the Americans using our people for their own selfish wants to increase to a level unimaginable. The United States is already benefiting from our already enormous and increasing labour force presence here. As a result, Guyana is continually sinking into the depths of a vast ocean without a straw to grab hold of--and no one is helping us. It has therefore left the fact that we are the sculptors of our own destiny in Guyana, because all hope and faith in the Government has been lost for many of us - for many years. Unfortunately, many people still cling to hopes that someday things will be all right without a struggle. False hope.
Many people don't realise that the United States has a very bad history with Guyana. That history which includes us being subjected to British oppression, imperialism, and American intervention and imperialism.
The United States has done us a great injustice in the past during the fifties and sixties when they felt the threat of Communism coming from Guyana, much like Cuba. They resorted to very low measures: intervening in Guyana's political affairs regarding Communism and the fight for independence. As a result, a dictator gained what he wanted and corrupt leadership reigned for almost three decades just because of a 'capitalist' lie.
Their intervention has resulted in the state of affairs we are in today, with issues such as racism, corruption, injustice and poverty still at large. And now they portray this image of being a 'World Saviour' by issuing 'fed-up' Guyanese and other 'run-aways' with 'Resident Alien' cards, and discretely allowing us to toil their land like modern slaves in the name of 'freedom and democracy'.
Remember, their intervention and imperialism has resulted in our suffering up to today, with a catalyst of many careless Guyanese leaders. We have nothing to praise the United States for, especially with their new image that is the wave of hypocrisy and a lie, as they continue to intervene, suppress, oppress and terrorize not only people around the world, but even in their own country.
Getting back to the article - I see these Guyanese as blinded and ignorant immigrants, although hard working and ambitious. They have renounced their Guyanese nature for Americanism whether they acknowledge it or not. And the people who are recruiting Guyanese to migrate over to Schenectady have only one worry: that there might eventually have a decline in areas such as Richmond Hill, a.k.a. "Little Guyana" due to large 'masses' of Guyanese who, quite possibly, may leave for this new Guyanese city. The cure? Well, just buy some more slave-minded Guyanese immigrants from their homeland and tap-up the population.
There is even a site (, which gives more details about the situation.
The mayor of the city, a white man named Albert P. Jurczynski, plans to take a trip to Guyana, probably with hopes of opening a recruit station there to brainwash and lure Guyanese to the U.S. city, resulting in a greater and faster than the already rapid decline in our population; hopefully, this does not happen, and if it does, hopefully, too many Guyanese will not yield blindly, as the result will be a crippling downfall.
Unfortunately, I know many people will not realise the problems of abandoning Guyana until it's too late.