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Third World Reformation
Third World Nations' Stunted Growth due to First World Foreign Policies and Intervention.

By Darrell Carpenay

It's Your Choice

The first step in attempting to solve any problem is to find the problem itself, and while many exaggerate their tribulations, others underestimate theirs. So it is the duty of all peoples to find, analyse, and finally stretegize a plan to eliminate the evils, which are bothering them. In doing so, we better equip ourselves to fight against large-scale issues such as poverty. In formulating a plan to change any system that is used to oppress human beings, we must, in today's society, have a multitude of people not afraid to fight for a cause that is just, even if it may mean death to some individuals involved in the reformation process. Finding or creating people with such mentalities may be a difficult task – because, as many of us very well know – hardly anyone is going to be willing to give up a perfectly normal, comfortable life to fight for others who weren't fortunate enough, however, for many of us, it is our moral duty.
No one should ever be forced to act against their own pursuit of happiness, they may only be convinced that, like killing an innocent man is the wrong thing to do, that walking away from the blatant face of poverty without helping in any way is the wrong thing to do, or gorging yourself with excess food while a beggar lies outside your gates is the wrong thing to do. Ultimately, the right thing to do is to help them in the best way possible. Obviously, the best way to you may not be the best way to someone else, and not all options are the most beneficial. You may give a little of what you have, you may give half of what you have, or you may fight for the complete elimination of poverty in your area or even country – it's your choice. However, I believe in carrying out acts like these to the best of your ability.

Imperialism, Intervention, and Theft

Of course, poverty is not the only issue here – there is racism among third world residents, which is simplistic and sad. It shows exactly how clever the colonialists were because they instilled the hatred among us, which has lasted until now. Take for example – Guyana: colonized, we fought for independence from the white British imperialists. With us they left their language (one we still take pride in perfecting), religion, clothes, racism, greed, etc. By getting rid of them we took out one enemy – perhaps the greatest achievement ever. But what was not realised by the majority is that enemies arose afterwards. Corrupt leaders took the place of the colonialist and exploited us in practically the same manner. This all comes from CIA intervention and US imperialism. The US blatantly dictated the leaders we needed using devious, snakelike tactics elaborated later on in this article. This resulted in the rapid and continuing decomposition of the Guyanese society over nearly four decades of independence.
Over the past two decades rapid rates of emigration has also been a great setback in the development of Guyana as nations, most notably, the US suck up our qualified individuals and benefit from their skills and hard work. There is perhaps more than the number of Guyanese living in the Guyana in the US itself – that is truly a horrific disgrace because they have exactly, if not more than what the US intended to happen after they made Burnham president. These Guyanese have left their homeland in search of justice, opportunities, and material wealth while the US benefits from their labour and skill, and sends out US corporations to infiltrate Guyanese soil and abuse our natural wealth – which includes our people. This unacceptable tyrannical behaviour by the US hasn't stopped either. The same of Iraq to steal their oil was a perfect example, and there seems to be no more attempts to cover this act up anymore. I guess the elites who run the show say, “Well, they know now, but what can they do?”
And that is why millions around the globe are still fighting for change as we've seen during the protests before the war in Iraq took place; change in environmental policies - the way we threat mother earth, change in the way we treat other people: racist acts, homophobic behaviour, chaste systems – even war against other human beings because of difference in ethics, religion, culture, or the fact that many developed nations occupy territory with valuable natural resources, exploiting them. Today, centuries after Columbus (‘known' for ‘discovering' new areas of the earth) claimed the ‘New World' – raping, murdering, and torturing the native Indians nearly causing the complete and unnatural extinction of an entire culture and race – after we have read history, and feel disgust for it, the same acts in similar manner are still being carried out. Apparently, some believe that it's their turn to carry out massive acts of violence. This cannot be allowed to happen blindly, people need to be aware of the facts.

The Facts

The facts? Oh, the facts are too many, it's just finding the little hidden creatures that will fuel or ignite your fury as it has mine. Unfortunately, the mainstream media (one of the easiest sources of information) has blotted out, ignored, and even lied to us about what we should know. They choose to say to us what they want us to hear– and in many cases, that's exactly what we want to hear. Sure, everyone would want to know that normally bad things done in their name is for the ‘better good'. Genocide has been committed in the name of the US, and most US citizens blind themselves saying that the murder of innocent human beings, mostly what they call ‘sand-niggers', ‘niggers', ‘terrorist middle-easterners', communists, alleged communists, communist sympathizers, and alleged communist sympathizers, ‘coons', ‘savages', is to protect the US citizens and westerners (in other words: white people). But just to be sure that no one suspects their true objective, which is world domination, white supremacy, third world robbery, etc., an angelic and truly just image of ‘through all these hardships we put you through is to bring justice to all' the imperialist nations assume the role of ‘freedom-givers' and ‘liberators'.
The war for Iraq portrayed this type of imperialist hype and lies to the first degree. First of all, Saddam existed quite a while ago so wasn't he a threat so many years ago? Secondly if there were weapons of mass destruction, it would be known (since there are satellites that can read the number plate off of a car). Surely they would find at least one chemical, biological, or nuclear bomb. But who knows, maybe they did and everything is just a mind-boggling conspiracy and the truth will probably be out only years from now.
Anyway, continuing the analysis – suddenly, the media changes the whole ideal of the ‘war' from the search for weapons of mass destruction to ‘Liberation Iraq', ‘Iraq Freedom', etc. Did the people of Iraq ask the US to ‘free' them? No one asked the US or British for anything. No one asked them to drop bombs all over killing thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians, no one asked them to send their co-operations to ‘help rebuild' the Iraq that they blew up, no one asked them to take charge of Iraqi oil, and no one asked them for free candy either. And once again I will blast the media, especially the western oriented media like CNN, ABC, etc. They have been omitting images of destroyed Iraqi people, children included who were either murdered or permanently physically and mentally damaged by US and British soldiers.
War encourages more hate, more war… In a so-called ‘civilized' nation, we see true ignorance and stupidity as the majority of US and British citizens sit aside and support the war. True, there were massive protests and it does show a lot. It has shown that the white population especially, has become more aware, and has thrown out their white-trash mentality, and now see Uncle Sam as the rest of the world sees it: a ruthless, heartless, capitalist, greed-fueling military machine (with under-description).
Not convinced? Well, let's see – what do other more reputable sources say…

Noam Chomsky has been a well-respected intellectual and activist in international affairs. In an Interview with Chomsky (Giampaolo Cadalanu interviewing), Chomsky mentions how the US allowed Saddam to get into power because he was willing to do trade with the US – this eliminated his sadistic and cruel nature in the eyes of the corporate oil companies and the US government. He also briefly mentions how the media coverage is astonishingly inaccurate and biased.

“It may also be recalled that Saddam's worst crimes were committed when he was a favored US ally and trading partner, and that immediately after he was driven from Kuwait, the US watched quietly while he turned to the slaughter of rebelling Iraqis, even refusing to allow them access to captured Iraqi arms. Official stories rarely yield an accurate picture of what is happening.”

– Noam Chomsky

What is said is more or less true for people who are open to alternative views. More support comes from William Blum who has written a great article on US intervention since the 1940's to present. Blum mentions a list of atrocities by the US and the disastrous effects they had on countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Guatemala, Cuba, and many others including Guyana. Regarding Guyana, Blum says,

“For 11 years, two of the oldest democracies in the world, Great Britain and the United States, went to great lengths to prevent a democratically elected leader from occupying his office. Cheddi Jagan was another Third World leader who tried to remain neutral and independent. He was elected three times. Although a leftist -- more so than Sukarno or Arbenz -- his policies in office were not revolutionary. But he was still a marked man, for he represented Washington's greatest fear: building a society that might be a successful example of an alternative to the capitalist model. Using a wide variety of tactics -- from general strikes and disinformation to terrorism and British legalisms, the U.S. and Britain finally forced Jagan out in 1964. John F. Kennedy had given a direct order for his ouster, as, presumably, had Eisenhower.
One of the better-off countries in the region under Jagan, Guyana, by the 1980s, was one of the poorest. Its principal export became people.”

This is no secret; emigration is a blatant problem. Guyana's rate of emigration of qualified individuals (both of secondary and tertiary levels of education) far surpasses the rest of the world when compared using population ratio. Today, Guyana is barely holding on to its population of about half a million people.

The Cuban Example

The current world events leaves one to ponder whether we will ever see a society where everyone can live peacefully on planet earth. The problem is that we all have a common enemy disguising itself as an angel, with characteristics such as ‘Freedom and Democracy'. The United States of America is responsible for much of the continuous suffering in the world today – it is responsible for many of the third world nations' state of suffering all because of US foreign policies, capitalist exploitation and greed, imperialism and intervention. Through their sly and corrupt tactics, i.e. those tactics the imperialists (the US, Britain and all their supporters) use to suppress other people of the world from rising from being impoverished, to being prosperous without depending on outside help – they have managed to keep their colonies, and many other nations, especially in the West, under constant surveillance for any form of communism.
The alternative seems too hard for them to allow, because it has indeed proven itself to be a system where all people can prosper regardless of race, culture, or any other factor that distinguishes us from other human beings. So no longer is the caucasian on top in a communist state. Everyone is equal. And no longer will the world superpowers be in power, once the example is set – once the sweeter vision of life is produced to be possible we will follow. That has already happened – Cuba has defied, produced, and survived – and we will follow. The United States has and continues, to the best of their ability, to marr Cuba's image with lies about their ‘dictatorship', and ‘tyrannical rule', lies of a ‘corrupt government', decades of embargo – and yet Cuba has survived, simply because the alternative is better. They have tried, and failed to intervene and oust Castro, and continue to fail, unlike the many other great, anti-American, communist leaders the CIA successfully murdered. But great leaders will continue to rise, and once they are there, the people will follow.
Castro is a man of greatness and divine character - he has fought for the rights of his people, against an enemy so formidable - even today, it is still a wonder how he and his nation continue to survive. He has, beyond all speculation, managed to keep his country united and free, self sufficient and communist, despite threats so great, many would have succumbed. The embargo, assassination attempts, unwanted military presence, crop poisonings, murdering innocent Cubans… are all attempts to destroy all that Cuba stands for – a free democratic society with a leader of great courage, knowledge, and heart. Despite the US embargo on Cuba because it would not give in to their form of democracy (that is the ability for the US to control it), Cuba has fought, healed, and is still trudging through the storm with the aid of few other nations.
Although this is not portrayed by the controlled mass media, this is true. Fidel Castro is not a dictator, tyrant, racist, nor does he oppress his own people, regardless of race – the government has very little corruption and Fidel Castro is not the richest man in Cuba regardless of what the idiotic men's magazine, ‘Maxim', tells you. There is no chaste system in Cuba unlike many other countries, which follow the US example as a great capitalist state. It says a whole lot too, but first and foremost, it says that we too can be like Cuba, we too can survive on our own, and as the community of communist states expands - it will be made easier to change for other nations with people who are tired of being oppressed by the world powers. Great sacrifices will have to be made by the pioneers, but in the end - it will be worth all the while, and sacrifices will not be made in vain.

We want out – NOW!

The situation in today's world has come to a point where a change is inevitable; the question is when. What we know is that the sooner the better, because as we stand idle, there are thousands of people dying every day because of our idleness, and tens if not hundreds of thousands will die before we make a move against the imperialists, true terrorists, and true tyrants - the US, Britain and their followers.
One example it that the US has been killing Afghanis for the longest while; they have not removed themselves from the country - instead they stand steady angering the people by their constant military occupation – like in so many other nations. The same situation will arise in Iraq - there will be continued military presence for a very long time, even though it's against the Iraqi's wishes and even tough they said that they would remove themselves as soon as the war is over. Well the war is over… why are planes still flying above? Why are troops still present in the region?

Bloody Liberation

And the reign of terror continues - innocent people murdered by US and British soldiers every single day. Well if that is liberation, if you are liberating a nation and killing the civilians inconsiderately – the price of that so-called freedom simply isn't worth it. And we all know that no ‘liberation' is being carried out. What is being carried out is a robbery, a theft. “You have oil; I want it, so I'll take it.”
The US doesn't love anyone for them to go about ‘liberating people'. Did we forget that they were supporting Saddam Hussein all this time? When he was one of theirs? And even if he wasn't – how come they suddenly care about the Iraqis? All the time when the people were being murdered no one said anything – now everyone cares? When one little white child dies by an accident in the US, or nearly dies, or is kidnapped - there is a big uproar about children's rights and women's rights and human rights. But when innocent people are murdered by 'accident' in these other nations - they are simply regrettable war casualties and nothing can be done about it - it is the 'price of freedom'. How can these nations, with the US always intervening in their political affairs ever liberate and create their own state. After the US has 'liberated' them, the US always feels that it is in their best interest to choose a government that is best suited for the role of governing the people, i.e., a government that will serve the best interest of the US and maybe afterwards the interest of the people.
But true history tells the stories of US atrocities - this history isn't found in textbooks - you have to read a lot. Their past and present history with Grenada, Guyana, El Salvador, Guatemala, Vietnam, Korea, Angola, South Africa, Cuba, Jamaica, and many other nations shows just how their meddlesome nature results in tragedy for the people of those nations.

The Truth About Dependence and Mind Control, etc.

The truth is that the governments ruling these nations crippled by dependence on the US were either, by some crooked means, put in by the US, or serve the US gaining something in return. Things will not change for a very long while if we don't do anything about it. More people need to be aware of these facts and not be blinded by what the mainstream media produces. CNN, ABC, and many other nazi controlled media fills the public with biased news, not to mention lies by omission of information. Their duty is to produce information that is true and as accurate as possible – no information that is half done, or only covers one side of the story. Clearly we all see that the major news networks are being controlled by whoever has the money. And the propaganda produced is amazing. They feed the general population entertainment and ads – they entertain you with the latest updates on ‘health tips', ‘war details', ‘terrorism', ‘celebrity gossip' etc. and the advertising companies pay the entertainers to for the millions who read or view the news and the ads. So essentially, the product is you - the dedicated reader or viewer of the ‘latest news'.

Especially in the US, very little US citizens realise that they are being brainwashed by propaganda and these awesome lies – like the fact that ‘their' hard work builds their country, but just ask them which US citizen toils all day in a sweatshop in Indonesia making a ‘NIKE' shoe, or a ‘GAP' t-shirt: most of them don't know. They are being fed the food they want to eat – the news they want to hear. Most US citizens don't want to hear that their tax money went into bombing innocent people so that the government could steal their oil, nor do they want to hear that their taxes went into supporting terrorism, torcher, murder, genocide, oppression - just because a leader wants equality or seems to be even slightly communist. What they want to hear that their military is ‘protecting freedom', ‘fighting terrorism at home and abroad', and eliminating the ‘communist threat' (though I know that most of them have not the slightest clue what communism is about) so that the world could be a safer place.

“Damn Communists!”

When people realise the number of wrongs the US has done in the name of their greedy capitalist empire – it fuels something more than anger – it fuels action.
Take Guyana for example: a small country on the edge of South America between Venezuela and Suriname. It produced and still produces some of the finest scholars and students in the entire Caribbean, and their talent and ability is sometimes recognized around the globe. But why isn't Guyana prospering? Guyana has been through the hands of men who have abused to their full potential, their positions in government – the positions which were practically handed to them by Washington. The PNC under Burnham was a perfect example of US intervention in Guyana. Because Cheddi Jagan was a staunch Communist and believed in equality for all Guyanese, he was ousted in 1964 – causing the delay of independence until 1966. Washington did not want a similar repeat of what happened in Cuba when Fidel Castro defied all odds and formed his own communist state. Burnham also had what he believed to be communist ethics but from his display and use of the power he acquired when he stole office doesn't suggest a great leader. Burnham was more obsessed with power than the interests of the Guyanese people. He played the US to get into office, claiming he wasn't communist while Jagan was. He then continued to play both sides and by supporting Cuba during his sustained stay in office even won the Jose Marti Award. The PNC's long and corrupt reign in office was a result of cheating, US intervention, and anti-communist policies. However, Jagan finally got into power in 1992 when there was a ‘free and fair' election under US surveillance, but nothing comes free. Jagan had to drop his communist policies and adapt a more capitalist method of governing Guyana. Jagan, a brave, strong and honourable man of admirable communist beliefs was broken. But it needed not to be said. The US forced Jagan to commit acts no communist would ever perform. But even so, under Jagan, once again, Guyana began to rise, prosper – many things changed, reformed, and overall Guyana was becoming a better place – slowly but surely. This was mainly due to the fact that Jagan did not rob the people of Guyana – he loved Guyana too much to do that. Cheddi Jagan did not seem to care for the power, he just wanted the chance to change and better Guyana in the best way he could. He tried his best, and now today, the party that Jagan formed, the PPP (People's Progressive Party), has become a rapidly decomposing cabinet of people whom are either stealing, and/or have not the slightest clue how to govern a suffering nation. Unfortunately, Guyana is only one of many nations that need great reformation before it can start progressing again. And so it goes in many other ‘third world' nations today. Tyranny and dictators rule, and oppress their own people, carrying out mass executions for those who oppose them. These men were chosen by CIA officials and the US government to serve the US interests while eliminating the ‘communist threat'.

The Wars Against Terrorists?

Today, the issue is ‘terrorism' – once you drive or kill the rich white elite of the US you're a terrorist, especially if you're Islamic. The US has now waged war against the entire nation of Islam and Palestine. But the question is who is the real terrorist? The US has been bombing the region for the longest while, killing literally hundreds of people daily. And now that the ‘9-11' story has come to pass, they have a ‘valid' reason to wage war against ‘weapons of mass destruction' (when the US and Israel have themselves), war for the ‘liberation of Iraq', and of course all it comes down to is a military murdering spree which should be known as ‘Operation Kill Iraqis and Steal their Oil'. And after that has been successfully carried out, then comes ‘Operation Continual Military Occupation and Genocide'. Again, all these events boil down to the ignorance of the US tax payers; no one realizes that the atrocities carried out by their own military are what their society thrives upon – today, like a hundred years ago the United States is still being built upon the backs of slaves, it's just that they're not only black now, but of all nationalities. Immigrants, illegal and legal build this country and allow it to be maintained as the military superpower of the entire world.

Tear a Dollar

People need to break the bonds they have to material wealth and see a clearer picture of life – it is not about how much money you have, the size of hour house, whether your son or daughter is a doctor or lawyer, or if you have more education than I – at least that is not the way I look at it. Life is about living the best way you can, being happy and having all the people around you happy; life is about the future generations: making the world a better place for them to live in and not suffer like their fathers and mothers did.
Equality, freedom, democracy, justice should be entitled to any human being who chooses to live in a society. These are the qualities we should fight for in our society and on a large-scale basis. We all want to experience and live the best life possible, in the best place possible – let us create that place, that utopia. And if we have to sacrifice ours for it – so let it be. Let this be the reformation era for Guyana and the rest of nations so long oppressed.

First of all, what do you want?

Well I know what I want. Being a citizen of a ‘Third World' nation, I realised that we need justice, equality, and freedom from mental slavery. With these we will gain better educational facilities for everyone, better health-care for everyone, justice and freedom for everyone. They will no longer be for the rich anymore – there will be no rich people anyway (don't we all want to get rid of the snobs). No one will have to be anyone's ‘maid', or ‘butler'. Everyone will be equal. There will be no private institutions, which overcharge people to get in.

So what exactly is the problem?

To be very frank, the problem is that we don't have what we want. And we should not be asking for it – the fact is that it is our right as human beings to have freedom, equality, and justice as much as possible in any society. And if they don't give it to you in the instant you ask for it (since it's yours), you fight them for it and take it. It is sad when people say or used to say (myself included) that the British ‘gave' many of its colonies freedom. What would be correct to say is that the British were defeated and the colonies ‘took' their freedom back. And that is why I feel so proud of my people – because they are fighters by condition, and peaceful people by heart.

The Solution

We will have to wait a very long time before the imperialist corporate exploiters abandon the tactics they use to oppress and abuse us. That is why we have to make a stance and fight against temptation, greed, poverty, etc. We must be self-sufficient before we become dependent. Instead we are dependent alone, like a homeless child depends on the scraps from any table while being abused.
So the first step is to educate yourself, or at least ‘be smart'. Try to educate who don't know and at least there will be a union – and within unity there is always strength. Thereafter, understand that nothing has ever resulted without physical action. Protests have to be made, and all necessary action has to be taken against our enemies to achieve our goals.


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