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-We should be making the stance against the people who decided that we are nothing more than their horses or oxen, made to toil away so they may prosper from the sweat, and blood of us. Let us not stand by and allow ourselves to be treated like slaves while the greedy few prosper off of our hard work. The working class is the most necessary class in any society - the elites tend to make us think otherwise: that we are the ones who will perish when we strike, we are the ones who will perish when we rebel, that we are the ones who need them. Wrong! - they need us. Let us make them show it, and treat us like we aught to be treated, like any other human being regardless of class, gender, race, or religion. So if you aren't standing get up now.- 2003

-The first step towards progression is enlightenment of truth.- August 2003

-Home Sweet Home. - September 2003

-Tic Tic BOOM!. - September 2003

-Creating the Evolutionary Revolutionary. - September 2003

-Aaanarrrchhy. - September 2003.

-In the Name of Freedom! - September 2003

-Random Blows. - September 2003

-The Anti-Tyrant. - October 2003

-Governmentremovalism. - October 2003

- Decide Bro. - October 2003

- For your information... October 2003

- Phuck the Police! October 2003

-England, Germany, France... especially England - we have not forgiven you for what you have done. The US may be the biggest obstacle in the way of our uprising - but we remember what you did and still do. 10.26.3


Uncle Sam's little good boys and girls coming home for Christmas - in body-bags. 10.26.3


IRAQ: From Tyranny under Saddam to Tyranny under the Westerners... We need to stop imperialism, racism, capitalism, greed, authority, enslavement. Never bow to the masters, never give up hope, never surrender under any conditions. This is a fight that will continue until we are all free. Victory is the only goal; death is not an obstacle. 10.14.3

- Migrating to the USA - Your Soul Mad-Cow Mac - 99c, 3 Months Education - $1700 Moving back to Guyana - Priceless. - October 2003

- PLEASE DEPORT ME! Save me some travelling money! - October 2003

- Thank You Fidel Castro! - November 2003

- the de facto Revolution. - November 2003

- Training Time... - December 2003

- "The working class is the creative class; the working class produces what material wealth exists in a country. And while power is not in their hands, while the working class allows power to remain in the hands of the landlords who exploit them, in the hands of the speculators, in the hands of the monopolies, in the hands of foreign and national interest groups, while armaments are in the hands of those in the service of these interest and not in their own hands, the working class will be forced to lead a miserable existence no matter how many crumbs those interest groups should let fall from their banquet table." - Fidel Castro

- Uppercut Oppression - December 2003

- Love Your Anger - December 2003

- Effectively Strategizing - December 2003

- Voluntary Service - December 2003

- "I came to America because of the great, great freedom which I heard existed in this country. I made a mistake in selecting America as a land of freedom, a mistake I cannot repair in the balance of my life." Albert Einstein, December, 1947

- Year of the Beginning - January, 2004

- "Whenever death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms." - Che Guevara

- The coming act... - January, 2004

- "For Mr. W. democracy only exists where money solves everything and where those who can afford a $25,000 a plate dinner --an insult to the billions of people living in the poor, hungry and underdeveloped world-- are the ones called to solve the problems of society and the world, the same that will determine the fate of a great nation like the United States, and the rest of the planet." - Fidel Castro, June, 2001

- "FUCK THE POLICE!" - Too Many People including myself

- One last time. - January, 2004

Thank You Guyana

Yo see, long ago, life in this country-it wasn't easy.
Everyday yo woke up was a piece a plantain and a cup a black tea.
Boy a me gran modda and gran fada suffa terribly,
Them people use to stand up in lang line- just fo pease and flowa.
Them bin jus waiting fo de awa.
We now afraid a slow Faya, In 63 wata street bin full a blazing faya but no wata.
Them bin just waiting fo de awa.
But in 43 came that raging tiga-that mighty warria.
Mann him was strang and full a viga.
Mann him was ready to climb the highest towa- just fo Guyana.
Oow meh Guyana, yo wait lang and with nuff stamina,
Yo faithful, just like a broad.
Yo bin through nuff trilla, but it only mek yo stranga.
Yo mek me as a youth-prouddd a Guyana.
Yo give me nuff thing,
Thing that you didn't even give meh gran modda.
Yo give me light, yo mek me bright, yo give me phone, yo give me wata,
And oh, man na foget - yo mek sure yo give meh flowa .
A know, some a yo sons forsake yo and gaane to unseen land,
Nufff a them gane to uncle sam.
But rest assure Guyana,
This warria gan dey ya - tillll the next janaam.

Rovin Stanley

This poem was featured in the Guyana Chronicle in September 2003 - it stands for alot of what I believe in.

September 2003


Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions: Communist Strategy

There are many problems to research, discuss, understand, and eventually, act against. Atrocities happen all over the world - Guyana is no exception. Many nations, including Guyana, are being subjected to US foreign policies which have created our nation's dependence on their companies, essentially, creating a scenario where we find it very difficult to rise out of the mess the corporate capitalist leaders, in agreement with our leaders, throw us into.

What is even more unfortunate is that these problems go unheard of by much of the people of those suffering nations, and as a direct result, no one cares to solve, or even analyses their current status quo.

There are many things to be mentioned here, however, I will only make a few points - the first being the fact that poverty only exists because of corrupt and greedy leaders - no matter their location, because in many cases, corruption and greed in the US has resulted in the mass majority of 'third world' nations being impoverished.

Another issue I would like to address is the inactive, sleeplike nature of many of the people of these abused nations. This is not to say that many are not like hungry tigers for freedom against oppression, because there are, and beyond all imagination, these people perform spectacular acts of bravery and determination, like in the Middle-Eastern regions; men, women, and children sacrifice themselves in the name of freedom for their people, and my faith rests with them, for I have my land, and my own battles. But whether freedom comes at the cost of many lives, or by some simple and easy miracle (something I have never seen), the outcome is always rewarding - independence. The question is, are we willing to sacrifice our lives for the benefit of millions of other people - are we willing to sacrifice our lives, our generation - for the benefit of our children and generations beyond?

My voice is here, and the answer is yes - the question is - Would You?