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Questionnaire 1

This questionnaire is intended to gather your views regarding various issues of concern worldwide. It is kindly requested that you produce your views and comments as clearly and as simply as possible since they will be produced on a new and growing website: Guyanese Thoughts and Discussions: Communist Strategy, which is dedicated to arousing awareness about issues such as oppression, imperialism, racism, Third World emigration and brain-drain, etc.

Please send all replies back to for your views to be posted.

1. What are your views regarding the war in Iraq and war in general?


2. As the richest and most powerful nation in the world, the US healthcare system is quite inefficient in that it does not serve the entire tax-paying population, mostly the poor – state whether you agree with this, and why.


3. The US and Europe are known for being the most racist regions on earth, however, racism is also common among minority groups and other races like Blacks, Latinos, and East Indians. Give your views on this issue.


4. In many cases, emigration from developing or ‘Third World’ nations such as Guyana is massive, and as a result, brain-drain (constant depletion of qualified individuals) is a major problem. Although this may be to the benefit of nations such as Canada, the US, and other ideologically western countries, brain drain occurs at the expense of the nations being drained. Comment on this issue.


5. Poverty is still of growing concern in the world today and it is known that for such a condition to exist some group of people has to be taking more than they deserve. Why do you think poverty still exists and what can be done to cure it.


6. Class is an uncommon term used today – it seems as tough it has become an almost contraband subject. But in most capitalist oriented nations today there is the upper, middle and lower class (upper being the rich, middle, the contented, and lower, the impoverished). Comment on this type of system and what can be done in order to make it more beneficial to all.